ACE Context is running fine with one unit input tags, but same context not processing (picking up tag values) with another unit input tags. What do I need to check with the input tags or else? Errors appearing in the message log attached.

Discussion created by diwakarkaushik on Jan 15, 2016
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We have a performance analysis code which runs for all units of a power station developed using PI-ACE. Recently, we are facing a unique problem. There are six units & hence six contexts for an executable in PI-ACE Manager. Out of these 6 contexts, 4 contexts are working fine. Remaining 2 contexts are ON, but output tags are showing BAD as defined in the code, same is happening with debug with that context. It seems code is not able to fetch the tag values from these 2 contexts thus the code moving to the Else loop. We have tried many things already such as recreating contexts, deleting/replacing executable , starting/stopping of contexts etc. Can you suggest the correct path of action to resolve the problem? Further, in the past for PI-ACE problems, we are able to get the solution through a bit of hit & trial, can you suggest a KB article or step by step guide to resolve PI-ACE executable problems?


Further, If we replace the input tags of the failing context with the input tags of successful running context, it starts working (putting values in the output tags).



Diwakar Kaushik