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How might I access PI Module properties using the PI SDK without ACE?

Question asked by pmmcann on Jan 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2016 by pmmcann

Looking through the documentation, I was not able to find how to find a module specifically in the module database, and then extract it's properties for reading into my applications.


There appears to be no way to search for modules in the ModuleDB by name. The documentation for MobuleDB has a Search method, but it appears it was never implemented.


Without using a PI ACE function, and just using the PI-SDK, how might I do the following:


Given the name of the Module as a parameter, find the Module in the ModuleDB. Once found, i would want to loop through the properties of the Module, getting values in my application to return them to the calling client.




I meant to add, I am using c# for this project, and no VB.


In VB I am seeing code that allows me to do something like

Dim oModule As PISDK.PIModule

Dim oServer As PISDK.Server


oModule = oServer.PIModuleDB.PIModules.Item("ModuleName")


However, Item is not available in c# for me looking at the object browser properties and methods for the Pi-SDK....


Any reason I am seeing this?