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PI ICU - communication problem with OPC Server

Question asked by marco.zoccoli on Jan 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2016 by rkathiresan

Hi all,




We found a problem while we were configuring an OPC interface. In particular when we clicked on tab "List Available Servers", it said that the server we selected ( doesn't exist.




So we opened PI OPCClient and we connected to the server (, but it doesn't appear the list of available OPC (see image "OPCClient").

After that we tried to open Matrikon OPC explorer, and when we connected to the server (, the list of available OPC appeared (see Image "Matrikon").



So the problem is just on OPCClient (and consequently on PI ICU), instead on Matrikon OPC explorer is ok.

Have you ever found a similar issue? And do you know what could be the cause of the problem?




Thank you in advance for your support.