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Some AF Calculations working, some aren't. Where do I troubleshoot this?

Question asked by JimGavigan Champion on Jan 22, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2019 by RickSmithJr

So, I have a template that has 8 elements built off of it and I have some calculations that are working fine, and others are saying "Calc failed." It seems like it is the same set of calculations that are failing in each element. Here is the syntax of the calculation:


TimeGE('Tag A','*',tagval('Some Past Date'),'Tag A's Event or Alarm Threshold')/(60*60)  


I am trying to see how long a tag has stayed above a certain value.


I have about 25 calculations in the same analysis that have the same syntax as above. There are 3 or 4 of them, two typical ones that are saying "Calc failed." However, not all of them are failing:


Here is one working fine:

Calc failed issue - showing no failed calcs.JPG


Here is one with 2 failed calcs (most common scenario and these two are usual suspects in all of them):


Calc failed issue - showing failed calcs.JPG


Here is one with 4 failed calcs:

Calc failed issue - showing 4 failed calcs.JPG


This is all I see for the error:


I have had a few times when my computer shutdown and I had to backfill because I had some errors in many analyses that I had to go back and re-backfill. Right now, none of my analyses show errors when I look at the analysis tab and I am not sure where to go to troubleshoot this. Any ideas on trying to figure out what is going on with just these few calculations?


In designing this again, I would not have 25 calculations in one analysis for various reasons, but in the environment it is in, it seems ok up until now.