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PI Manual Logger Web 2014 authentication problem

Question asked by Giulio.Ottonelli on Jan 27, 2016
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we have a problem with PI Manual Logger Web 2014:

With PIPC/Piml.Web/web.config BypassAuth = true

and ASP.NET impersonation = disable

Everything is working fine on client's Internet Explorer 11. All users can see the Tour and create new run, and send to PI.


With PIPC/Piml.Web/web.config BypassAuth = false

and ASP.NET impersonation = enable


The users received an error message (on a red square) when the user try to open the /Piml.Web/  web page:

Could not retrieve data


We try to clear that Internet Explorer cache but the problem remanins the same.


Have you any idea about this problem?