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    Expression Analysis - Calculating Values at Parent Level




      I'm currently working on the analysis expression template and wanting to calculate the value of the attributes at the parent level


      Here's my current hierarchy


      • Main - Element

                     Sum of All attributes (attribute)

          • Sub Area - Element (Child of 'Main' Element; Uses derived template of 'Main')

                                         Attribute 1 (attribute)

                                         Attribute 2 (attribute)

                                         Attribute 3 (attribute)

            •     Sub Sub Area - Element (Child of 'Sub Area' Element; Uses derived template of 'Sub Area')

                                                        Attribute 4 (attribute)     


      The templates used in 'Sub Area' and 'Sub Sub Area' are derived templates used for the 'Main' element


      I'm wondering what will be the correct syntax to use in the expression analysis template that will calculate all the attributes (Attribute 1, Attribute 2, Attribute 3 and Attribute 4) in the Main template.


      So far, I've tried to put in Total( '..\|Attribute 1', '..\|Attribute 2', '..\|Attribute 3', '..\..\|Attribute 4') and I get the "Failed to resolve required input" error.


      Any feedback will be appreciated. Thank you in advance!