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PI WEB API not recognising time strings

Question asked by JamesIggulden on Jan 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2016 by JamesIggulden

Hi there,


I'm running a PI test environment using:

PI Web API 2015 R3 version

PI Server 2010 SP1 version 3.4.385.77

PI AF Server 2010 R3


It's been working really well for me so far but I am having an issue with time strings.

The following queries return data fine:




But the following:

https://win-177qud5ka2m/piwebapi/streamsets/value?webId=XXX&time=Yesterday + 03:45:30.25




  "Errors": [

  "'Yesterday 03:45:30.25' is not a valid timestamp."




I'm struggling to see what I'm doing wrong when this should be valid according to:


I have put this on the discussion boards but happy to raise this as a formal defect.