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    PI DevClub membership and PI Connectors

    Roger Palmen

      Nice! OSIsoft is rightfully moving forward towards a full AF-centric system. E.g. the latest release PI Connector for PI System Health is released is a nice step forward.


      However i do notice that these are not available for download under DevClub license. I agree that not everything needs to be available. E.g. the UFL interface was not included, so somewhat naturally, the PI Connector for UFL is not included.


      But with this latest release, would this not be a good time to get more exposure of the Connector concept to the developer community? After all, the basic Perfmon interface was included in the license as part of the PI Data Archive. Or the https://techsupport.osisoft.com/Products/PI-Interfaces-and-PI-Connectors/PI-Connector-for-Ping/ for that matter.


      I don't see any conflict with the development nature of the DevClub license with these interfaces. After all they can hardly be abused to do anything resembling a production system.


      Any views on the topic? Future (preferrable current!) plans to extend the SW included in the license?

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          Ahmad Fattahi

          Good points, Roger. We are constantly watching the development of new technologies to keep our product offering up to date. You are also right to bring up certain business risks that go with this inexpensive offer. We strive to keep a balance between lowering the barrier and manage the risk of abuse.


          More specifically to your point, with the recent migration from old vCampus to new PI Developers Club (OSIsoft vCampus migration to PI Developers Club FAQ ) we can now, on a case-by-case basis, open up access to certain interfaces for official partners. Interested partners should contact their Partner Manager for the approval process. The good news is that it consolidates a painful process into one PI Developers Club PI System.


          Offering the newly released PI System Health Connector as a standard part of PI Developers Club is an interesting idea. Let's hear from Christopher Coen on the topic.

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            Thanks for your input, Roger.  I agree that this is a good thing to include with the PI Developers Club offering.  In fact, not only do I think we should add the PI Connector for PI System Health, we should also add the recently released PI Connector for Ping, as you suggest.  Both of these connectors are available to licensees of the PI Server.  And since PI Developers Club also includes the ping interface (and others like Windows Performance Monitor and TCP Response) which are licensed with the PI Server, I think it only makes sense to add these two new PI Connectors.


            So nice score for the community, Roger!  Thanks.  Ahmad Fattahi will likely update you once we can get the license updated to include these.

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