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For PI to PI communication what value to give in maximum update queue and global update queue to prevent from data loss

Question asked by Hemant_Panchal on Jan 31, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2016 by cramsey

I have  PI collective with two servers (primary and secondary), I want to bring all that data to my third PI server which is located remotely, So for it i have configured PI to PI interface on my 1st PI server machine.

There are total around 35000 tags at my source PI servers with two different interface instances.


how many scan class needs to define in my PI to PI interface for transferring all these data to target PI server without any data loss.

what  value should i give in Max update queue and Global update queue parameters.

what all application trusts do i need to configure at source and target server side.


and can i get the back history of all points which i am going to create in my target PI server or i will get data only from the time when my point was created in target PI server.


Your ideas and thoughts are appreciated.