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UFL Performance and Scalability

Question asked by akenyon on Feb 2, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2016 by Roger Palmen

I was curious if anybody has run into scaling or performance issues with the UFL. Here are some specifics about are data:

  • Estimating between 1-10 million tags
  • Each tag receives new data once every 10-15 minutes


We'll be writing a windows service to collect device data, write the data to a file, and use the UFL to digest the data. One question that's come up is how do we resolve the tag name? We've considered two solutions; using UFL aliasing or manual aliasing. We haven't used the UFL aliasing and we're not sure if there is a performance penalty. Manual aliasing is similar, we store a few parameters in the Instrument Tag field, our services uses those parameters to fetch data and write the data to that tag (via the UFL).


Any thoughts or feedback about our strategy would be appreciated.