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Feasibility of PE usage in PIPointList.InterpolatedValuesAtTimes

Question asked by PFC5478 on Feb 4, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2016 by PFC5478

Hi all,


I am checking an approach to tackle a situation with thousands of PI Points by Performance Equation (PE) and PIPointList.InterpolatedValuesAtTimes in AF SDK.

Let me simplify the situation in below example:


Assume in a PI Data Archive, Point Source (say 'A') have below 5 PI Tags with below archive values:


          A0001     A0002     A0003     A0004     A0005

13:00     75          15          132          110          92

14:00     64          104          116          15          88


After checking PI AF SDK documentation, I know I can retrieve all archive values above using function PIPointList.InterpolatedValuesAtTimes with input parameters

IList<AFTimes> times as 13:00, 14:00

filterExpression as (null)

includeFilteredValues as false

PIPagingConfiguration as PIPagingConfiguration(PIPageType.TagCount, 100);


My question is that is it possible if I only want to retrieve only archive values with > 100 by the same function? In the parameter "filterExpression", it uses Performance Equation.

I am thinking to use TagVal function (e.g. (TagVal('tagname') > 100) but it requires a single tag name as a parameter input while in about functions no single tag can be inputted.


Please let me know if I am thinking in wrong approach and feel free to suggest me other method (even not by the function mentioned above) to retrieve those only 4 archive values with > 100

while the PI Tag Name can be referenced back. (Using above function, the PI Point can be referenced back by pointResults.PIPoint in the example.)


Thanks all for your attention and suggestion!