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PI Client tools on Citrix Zen App

Question asked by BrianOD on Feb 4, 2016
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I'm installing  a new PI Server environment, with the latest version of all software. Latest as of 10th January 2016 at any rate. The environment consists of  PI Data Archive (collective), AF (collective), Analysis services/ notifications/ACE (collective), SharePoint & Webparts (stand alone), and PI client's (standalone).


The PI Clients (Processbook, Datalink, & Batchview) must be installed on a purpose built Citrix server, with Zen App installed.  There's my question. Has anyone done this recently?   Or has anyone taken a few quick notes when they did it?  or maybe someone can outline if or how the installation of the PI Clients should be done differently on citrix server. I'm familiar with installing the clients on typical installations, but I'll put my hands up and say I've troubleshot a few issues with the clients installed on Citrix but other than that I'm green when it comes to the ctirix side of things.


any and all help appreciated,