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Where can I find recommendations and requirements to a PI Cloud Connect solution?

Question asked by Jesperoa on Feb 9, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2016 by Rhys Kirk

I am about to implement Cloud Connect in our exsisting PI System to be able to exchange data with external partners.
So I need a separat server to install PI Cloud Connect on. This server should have access to the Internet to acces OSIsoft Cloud Service portal, to our AF server and to our PI Server.

The AF and PI Server are not on a network with Internet access, so I will have to open some ports in the firewall to be able to make connection between the CC server and the AF and PI Server.

Where can I find information and recommendation about how to set up a system that should run in production taking security into consideration.

It would also be nice with som reconmendation on how to size the CC server.

Should ther be any trusts between the CC Server and AF/PI Servers?