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Loop through TextBox on Display page

Question asked by AggiePaul on Feb 8, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2016 by AggiePaul

I am trying to make a VBA code to loop through about 100 textbox's on a page. I am trying to use a variable to assign the text box name, but am struggling to find a way to do it. Here is the base code I am trying to change. Ideally I would loop through different "X" values to hit all the different Textbox's.


Sub UpdateTextValues()


Dim srv As Server

Dim X As Integer

Dim TB As String


TB = "TB"

X = 1

Set srv = PISDK.Servers.Item("pkg-eva1-picp1")


ThisDisplay.TB1.Contents = "Test 1"


End Sub


I have tried using the "controls" command, but it does not appear to work on a display page. I have gotten it to work on Userforms before...


Controls("TB1").Value = "Test 1"      'This give the error "Sub of Function not defined


Any help would be greatly appreciated. As I stated before, this is for a display page. Not a userform.