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Merging PI Systems - Archive Data

Question asked by VCampus-METCO on Feb 12, 2016
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Can someone clarify the use of point ID conversion files when merging archives from two different PI Systems. I did this around 10 years ago and it worked fine, but I cannot recall exactly the behaviour of offline piarchss.


I am creating tags from a legacy PI Server into a target PI Server, except for tags that were already being replicated via PI to PI. These PI to PI tags are named differently from the source tag. These will be converted to take data directly from OPC interfaces.


My understanding of the procedure is that


  1. I create a point mapping file by exporting the pointid, recordnumber and tagname from my legacy PI Server.
  2. I will edit this text point mapping file such that if the tag name in the target PI Server is different, the PI to PI tagname will be used.
  3. I will delete any tags that I don't want merging, for example SINUSOID, CDT158 etc
  4. I will convert this point mapping file into binary format- piarchss -idci pointidconv.txt -idco pointidcon.dat
  5. Then merge my archives from the legacy PI Server into the archives on the target server -passing in the mapping file. - piarchss -if legacyPIArchive -id pointidconv.dat -of TargetPIArchive.
  6. Merging of archives will be one on a cloned server to make sure the production environment is not affected and merging be scripted.


Can someone confirm that this the right procedure?