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PI server crash on reading tags

Question asked by kab23 on Feb 9, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2016 by kab23

Hi all,


Very recently, we faced an OSI PI HDA Server crash issue at the client end. The development team developed and tested their code using Matrikon simulator (which doesn't use a hierarchial system) and tried to execute that code in client's DEV environment. Sadly, OSI PI server was the same for the environments and we ended up crashing the HDA Server.


After some analysis, we seem to arrive at a conclusion, that if we attempt to read a "tag value" without sending the proper "root information" of the tag, OSI PI crashed. I wanted to double check the following:


1. Has anybody faced this kind of issue? If so, what was your findings/ conclusion?

2. Is this is a normal (acceptable) behavior of OSI PI HDA server?

3. Could this problem be related access to a certain tag/branch?


Regarding #2, people in my team attribute the crash of the OSI PI server to the "faulty tag-read request" sent via the application. But it looks like HDA server could not handle an "invalid tag-read" request. IMO, no production quality server should crash just because a request from a client contained an invalid tag. Would you agree? or am I grossly wrong here.


Please let me know your thoughts.