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PLEASE HELP: I need some examples of how to use the pifunction ROUND5

Question asked by michaelhelduser on Feb 9, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2016 by michaelhelduser

I'm attempting to do a query from SQL Server using PIOLEDB linked server to get back records from the piinterp table where I want to get a rounded version of the time for the timestamp. 


Here's the query I attempted but it is not working:



DECLARE @TimeStep nvarchar(20)

DECLARE @Tag  nvarchar(60)



SET @StartTime = '2016-01-02 01:00:00 PM'

SET @EndTime = '2016-01-04 11:50:00 PM'



SET @TimeStep = '01:00:00'

SET @Tag = 'Mix'


SELECT *, (SELECT result FROM [USCLHISTORIAN].[pifunction]..[round5] WHERE arg1 = [time] AND arg2 = @ts) as "RoundedTime"

FROM [USCLHISTORIAN].[piarchive]..[piinterp]

WHERE tag like  '%' + @Tag +'%'

AND [time] > @StartTime AND [time] < @EndTime

AND [timestep] = (SELECT result FROM [USCLHISTORIAN].[pifunction]..[time] WHERE arg1 = @TimeStep)


I'm using the PIFUNCTION's:





I have the collation set to true on my linked server. 


This query runs fine when the rounding isn't attempted,  when I attempt the rounding I get NULL's in my RoundedTime column. 


Any help with this would be wonderful.


Thank you in advance.