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PI Error -10727: PINET: RPC is Non-Existent

Question asked by JamesIggulden on Feb 10, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2016 by pthivierge



We have a working Windows Server 2008 VM running a PI test environment.

The VM is running on a developer's laptop so we decided to copy the VM to a new location where it can be accessed for system test purposes.

In doing so, it was necessary to change both the IP address and the Gateway.


It is possible to login to the PI WEB API and navigate as far as the list of dataservers e.g.



However, when we try to access a specific server (e.g. https://localhost/piwebapi/dataservers/s0GkgE-i2kY0OuaMt9yinDSQV0lOLTE3N1FVRDVLQTJN)), we get:

"PI Error -10727: PINET: RPC is Non-Existent"


Please can someone advise?

NB The VM has access to the internet.