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    Data Transfer in PI Process Book


      Hello guys, I need to do one project on PI Process book i.e. Integration, i have to transfer the data from input source to PI Data Archive.

      Can  anybody help me How to transfer the data from Visual basic Express 2010 --------> PI DATA ARCHIVE




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          Dan Fishman

          Sure, also, there are many similar posts: Re: manual input processbook .  There also are a number of System Integrator/consultants who can build VBA/custom applications depending on your needs.

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              As Dan mentioned, you can use SDK functions to connect to PI Server and then update PI tags with values .

              If you are having PI Server HA then you have to take care of Pi Buffer subsystem to fan the data.


              Issue with this approach is we need to configure PI Buffering and with proper security in all the system where you are planning to use this so that the system can write data to Pi tags.

              Instead I prefer to have small web application to enter data, with this approach you need to worry only about PI Buffer subsystem only in the application server.

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                Rhys Kirk

                Agree with the other posts.

                What isn't clear for me though is:

                a) What is the source of the input data? Perhaps an interface already exists.

                b) Do you mean Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) rather than Visual Basic Express?

                c) If you mean from Visual Basic Express 2010 (now known as Community Edition) then you can use the AF SDK to do that.

                d) Not sure where ProcessBook comes into the question if you're not meaning VBA.

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                    hello everyone,


                    My input source is Uni-Sim(Make-Honeywell).

                    I am master student in Germany and I have to do one project on Integration of Uni-sim with PI Process Book.

                    I made one plant in Uni-sim now i want to transfer my data from uni-sim to PI-Process book.

                    Unisim---->Visual Basic Express 2010(VB CODE)----> PI Server------>PI Process Book.


                    this i need to done,please help me

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                  Hello Saurab,


                  I am marking this question as assumed answer as it is same as:

                  how to Connect of Visual basic with pi server

                  which also point to another similar question, maybe your colleague?:

                  connecting PI server and Visual basic express 2010.  ( discussion that contains answer / explanations )


                  Please try to create only one question, if you need to put attention on your question just reply into it and it will appear again in the active threads.