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PI Notifications not aware of Imported table update

Question asked by buse on Feb 16, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2016 by Dan Fishman



Here is my scenario:



I have an Imported table in AF that lives in a SQL Database. (Due to security settings, I am not able to Link the table)

Inside an AF Element I have an attribute that looks up data on the table (Table Lookup data reference).

This attribute is an input to a formula data reference that is used as trigger for a PI Notification (SQC Rule).

Basically the table stores thresholds constants.




Once the notification triggers, in some cases, I am updating the thresholds in the Imported table (in SQL).

I then reimport the table and reset the notification. (I did this step both through PI System Explorer and AFSDK)


The problem is that the notification is not aware of the table update and it is triggering a new instance eventhough the triggering rule is not being met.

It is like the old data in the table is being cached somewhere.

The only way I was able to force the notification to refresh was to restart the PI Analysis Service, but I was hoping I didn't have to do that...


I am using PI Notifications 2012 version 1.2.1205.10 and PI System Explorer 2015 (32 bit) version

Has anyone seen this behavior? Is there a way to clear the cache programatically?