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Monitoring attributes from two (or more) AF servers using AFDataPipe

Question asked by lgferrao on Feb 15, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2016 by dmoler

Hi, I'm using AF SDK 2015 R2 to develop a system to monitor attributes from two AF servers using AFDataPipe.


A user warned us that some attributes values are inconsistent when compared with the values observed in PI System Explorer. For example, Status M1 and Status X1 must have the value 'Aberto' (Open) and the system informed 'Fechado' (Close). These attributes are Formulas, built for simple comparison with a PIPoint (x > const).


We analyse the problem and we conclude that it happened because we use only one AFDataPipe to monitor the two servers.


The attached log file shows it. We are monitoring all attributes, but logging only the values of attributes related to the case. In first log part, using one AFDataPipe only, we observed that for all attributes the values returned are 'Fechado'. In second log part, using one AFDataPipe per server, the values are obtained as observerd in PI System Explorer.


The first question is: Are we correct with our conclusions? In other words, to monitoring two (or more) AF Servers do we must use one AFDataPipe for each server?


The second question is: AFServer01 has only one database that interest us. But AFServer02 has nine. Could we mix the attributes from these nine databases in the same AFDataPipe? Or do we must create one AFDataPipe for each database?


The third question is: In the same system we monitoring tag values using PIDataPipe. In the same way we use one only PIDataPipe to monitoring three PI Servers. Do we must use one PIDataPipe for each PI Server?


Thanks in advance!