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    Data behavior when getting data for regular archive points not yet arrived


      We are creating an application that predicts a tag's next value. One of the inputs to the algorithm is based on several of the tag's recent values. As I understand it, if I as for the value of a regular archived point for "now" or for "now+ some small delta", I get Pi's estimate for the value as long as the last good value in the cache is "close enough" to "now+delta". In other words:


      given a good reading at time T1 < '*', I can still ask for (and receive) the value TagVal(mytag,'*') as long as '*'-T1 is < some maximum delta (call it Max_delta).




      1) What is Max_delta?

      2) How big can delta be to create a No Data error for TagVal(mytag,'*+d')?