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Getting AF Attribute Value

Question asked by alanquadros on Feb 25, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2016 by bshang

Hi folks,


I have some elements... in AF... and i need to get the value (time ranged) for one attribute...


like this example.


Element CAR
           Attribute Velocity (Refer to a single PIPoint or a Formula envolving PIPoint)


And i need to get the values of Velocity... on the last 10 hours....


I use:

 currentAFElement.Attributes["Velocity"].GetValues(new AFTimeRange(periodStart, periodEnd), nvalues, null);


with: periodStart = *-10h and periodEnd = *... and nvalues = 10.


But get only 2 values... he does not interpolate ?!


So how can i get interpolated data from AFAttribute ?