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How to reduce 15 minutes from a PI PE Expression(FindGE) result?

Question asked by Yasin@Cat on Feb 22, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2016 by Yasin@Cat

Hi All,


Please share your suggestions & feedbacks.


I'm trying to reduce a 15mins from a PI PE expression result.


PI PE Expression is FindGE('Tag1','*','*-3d',0), say example its resulting as 22-Feb-2015 18:45:00 and I'm looking for a expression to reduce the result to 22-Feb-2015 18:30:00.


I have tried couple of functions like, but no luck

FindGE('Tag1','*','*-3d',0) - ParseTime("00:15:00")

FindGE('Tag1','*','*-3d',0) - Minutes('00:15:00')

FindGE('Tag1','*','*-3d',0) - ('00:15:00')


Please help me, if I'm missing something