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Problem with PI Web API authentication using HTML files (i.e. no web server)

Question asked by gavin.strack Champion on Feb 23, 2016
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I have encountered a problem with trying to get authentication working.


To start with, I am developing my web app on the same machine that hosts the AF server and PI Web API.  To attempt to diagnose the problem, I am using the CORS Testing app from the training video.

When I attempt to use basic authentication, I get:

Which is similar to the error expected when a request from a domain not listed in the CorsOrigins attribute.  When I look into the request header, the Origin header is like this:

Since the request is from the same machine, I don't see how CORS is even relevant, but if the browser is getting this response, who am I to argue.


So I tried adding "null", "http://localhost", "https://localhost" to the CorsOrigins attribute but I still get this error.


In the browser, my "URL" is  "file:///C:/User/....etc....etc.../cors_app.html".  I noticed that all the PI Web API tutorials appear to be using a locally hosted webserver (i.e. URL = http://localhost:12343).  Before I go an install WAMP or figure out how to use IIS, is there something simple I can do to get this working.  My web apps work fine when I don't use authentication.