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Authorization has been denied for this request

Question asked by gavin.strack Champion on Feb 22, 2016
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I've encountered an issue with my PI Web API that has got me stumped.  For all of last week, I have been successfully using the PI Web API and have built the Google Streetview App without any major problems.  I've had a few errors and typos but all the problems have been with my code and not with the API.


Last Friday afternoon, we encountered an unplanned power outage and whilst I was remotely connected to the PI AF Server, the machine crash stopped.  Upon rebooting the server and starting work on my PI Web API app again, I discovered that every HTTP request receives the same 401 Unauthorized response:



  "Message": "Authorization has been denied for this request."



I've tried disabling Authorization (i.e. Anonymous), restarting the PI Web API service, reinstalling the API, everything.  Nothing works.


I was using this successfully with Basic & Kerberos authentication for a week.  Nothing has changed.  But I cant see what the problem is.


Any ideas people?