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I am not getting updated value for next calculation

Question asked by AnimeshK on Feb 23, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2016 by AnimeshK

We are trying to write ACE code for some Faults calculations, and we are facing some issues with the same, Please Find the description below.

There are 3 to 4 input tags in each calculation as following

Input Tags

  1. “AlarmCode”  2. “Alarmcode_Cat” (Category) 3. “ActivePower10mMin”

And one Output Tag

  1. “AllFaultsCode” (We are using this tag also as a input, as the next calculation is depend on last output value )


While executing calculation, at the time of Backfilling/Recalculation we are getting proper output, but in real time calculation we are facing issue, where we are not able to retrieve last output value properly.

And this happens mostly when a bunch of queued events get executed at a time.

So instead of getting last output value as input we are getting second last value as input.


We are using explicit connection using credentials at the time of recalculation, but we are not doing any connection in real time. If we use connection in real time after some event execution we start getting errors.

Connection string:

Writing In To PI:

Data Retrieving:

Please advise.


Saying in one line I am not getting updated value for next calculation