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Problem creating an AFValue object with UTC timestamp

Question asked by adhiman on Feb 23, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2016 by Roger Palmen


I'm trying to store AFValues in bulk using the AFServer.updatevalues method. I recently noticed that all the afvalues are getting saved in local time instead of UTC time. For a  test purpose, I just wrote few lines to see the behaviour and it turned out to be an issue here:


  var afTime = new AFTime(DateTime.UtcNow);

afValue.Timestamp = afTime.UtcTime;

  AFValue timestamp converts utctime to local time 


When I hover over my AFValue object, it shows value, UOM, Timestamp(in localtime). Updatevalues method takes a list of AFvalues and all these values have both local and UTC time but for some reasons PI SMT shows all timestamps in localtime  ?

Does this mean that all these values have been stored in localtime instead of UTC time.


I wish there could be some global setting somewhere which might set the desired timezone.