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    Multi Item Bar Chart in Processbook


      Has anyone successfully added an Excel style chart to process book without using custom VBA?


      I ask without VBA because VBA won't work in Coresight.


      I was able to do it with VBA using the Microsoft Charting Control 6.0, but I'm trying to find a way to populate it without using VBA.




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          Rhys Kirk

          It is perfectly possible to do this in PI Coresight 3.0 using the extensibility framework. Not sure if the Bar Chart is shipping by default in PI Coresight 3.0?

          Tom LeBay

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              That may be true, but here we develop a bunch of reports and process mimics in Process Book, then host them in Coresight.


              So this doesn't quite help us

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                  Rhys Kirk

                  Depends on how you want to present the data - does the bar chart need to sit within a Process mimic?

                  For example, Process Mimics in ProcessBook/Coresight is one thing, perfectly valid.

                  Perhaps the reporting side of it should be in an appropriate web BI tool.

                  Then you combine both visualization platforms together in a website / sharepoint / other.

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                    With PI Coresight 2016 it is possible to create process mimics in native Coresight displays.  Check out a couple of "Getting Started" videos we recently published on YouTube to get a feel for what is possible.  The beta is also available so you can test with live software.  Imported ProcessBook displays are also still available. 


                    To answer Rhys's earlier comment.  PI Coresight 2016 has a vertical and horizontal bar graph, and now it can be multi-stated.

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                        While Coresight 2016 has horizontal and vertical bar graphs, this sounds exactly like what processbook currently has, which only allows for 1 tag to be plotted on the graph.


                        for example, lets say i had totalizers for each site that calculates daily production.  i want to put each site, on the same bar graph, and show the past 7 days.


                        Currently the only way to do this in processbook is with the MS Chart control and some VBA.  I dont see anything in the Coresight 2016 documentation which talks about this kind of functionality.

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                    Heres an idea that would work in both Procbook and Coresight PDI displays...I've built some AF templates to make this work and passing time ranges from the element name get my 7 day data which I can scroll back through time easily in Coresight with. you should be able to work out how it works from these screenshots, not a very elegant solution but should be scalable using the templates. I built the 4 bar graphs and assigned that to the template for the timed data so I could just drag and drop the element 7 day chart to auto create the chart....but it could be just the one value or whatever is required, this was just to demonstrate the flexibility of the solution! Good luck!




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