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@ Symbol in AF FindAttribute

Question asked by VCampus-METCO on Feb 23, 2016
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I just wondered what the purpose of the @ symbol is in AF references?  I have hunted high and low in all documentation but the only reference I see is in relation to filters which are used to restrict returned results, e.g. [category=pump].


I see it used often in references to PIPoint data references. For example if another attribute holds the name of a PITag, the @ symbol I believe says to use the string value of the referenced attribute rather than trying to use it directly as a PIPoint reference.


So I was confused when another variant turned up with AF-SDK programming


     AFAttribute afAttribute = AFAttribute.FindAttribute(@"NuGreen\NuGreen\Houston|Environment", piSystem);


What is the purpose of the @ symbol here. The same syntax in SQL Commander for example shows N'NuGreen\NuGreen\Houston|Environment' which is different again.


Maybe this is so basic everyone assumes that it is clear; but for me it is not.


Can anyone help?