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Coresight Bindings and Host Headers

Question asked by VCampus-METCO on Mar 2, 2016
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We have a web-server which already had SharePoint and WebParts installed on it, with SharePoint using the default port 80. Lets say that the machine name that SP runs on is

We have Coresight 2015 running on a separate web-site and with host header, mapped to port 800 and a DNS entry that maps this name to the same IP as

Coresight application pools / webapi are running under a domain svcPICoresight account, which has been set for delegation.

As I say Coresight is running OK, but Kerberos delegation is not yet working properly.


If this were a coresight only server I would create SPN's as follows

     http/MachineA domain\svcPICoresight

     http/ domain\svcPICoresight


If this is using aliased host headers to a different port on the same server do I use the following?

     http/Coresight domain\svcPICoresight

     http/ domain\svcPICoresight