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Certificate Error when using WebAPI Calls on IIS Express

Question asked by jramirez on Feb 27, 2016
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I am working on a Web API application, here is the issue:

When debugging in VS2012 the URL is http://localhost:58214/index.html, the server is the IIS express server.

I am getting a data.status=0 when sending the authorization credentials to the server (see code below) and any webapi calls do not work at all.however when I open Fiddler and try to login again using webapi I get a pop up window with a "Certificate Error" title, and asking for "ignore errors (unsafe) an proceed" if I choose to ignore then then everything works fine as long as fiddler is open.


Any ideas?





var authSuccessCallBack = function (data, statusMessage, statusObj) {

    alert("Log OK");




var authErrorCallBack = function (data) {

    if (data.status == 401) {

        alert("Invalid username and password.");


    else {

        alert("Error during validation.");







    $("#Test-btn").click(function () {

        var username = "Administrator";

        var password = "Sios10";




        piwebapi.SetCredentials(username, password);

        piwebapi.Authorize(authSuccessCallBack, authErrorCallBack);