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How to make a template for different symbols which are used many times in PI processbook displays

Question asked by Hemant_Panchal on Feb 29, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2016 by pthivierge


we have some 1000 of processbook displays, and there are different digital states created for different symbols.

For Eg:

switch indicator 1 with digital state"0-OFF, 1-ON" is used to change colour of indicator in display "0-RED, 1-GREEN".

There is another

switch indicator 2

with digital state"0-NORMAL, 1-ALARM" is used to change colour of indicator in display "0-GREEN, 1-RED".


Later on in control system some of the switch indicator 1 are replaced with switch indicator2.

so the same when i do in PI system by changing digital state of switch indicator 1 from "0-OFF 1-ON" to "0-NORMAL 1-ALARM".


The colour assigned does not change automatically for particular symbol, i have to do it manually everytime.

Please suggest if there is any method by which i can change colour of symbols in bulk after changing their digital states.

Or if there is any method to assign colour in digital state itself, so that whenever i use that digital state in my display it automatically picks up the preassigned colour configuration.