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PI WebAPI 2015 R3 Certificate Issues

Question asked by VCampus-METCO on Mar 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2017 by Shiva@Oracle

I was following the online training videos for setting up a development system with PI WebAPI 2015 R3 on a clean 64-bit windows 7 VM with just PI ProcessBook/AF etc on.

Installation went smoothly.


I used the same domain account as used by Coresight which us running on a separate server (VM)  which I know works and supports delegation through Coresight.

First time I opened the webapi site in IE11. I got the error message about the certificate being bad but the option to save the certificate to a file is greyed out for some reason even though I am an admin on the client PC. I could move the certificate manually using MMC but that caused an error when trying to connect before even getting to the login prompt.


So I installed google chrome. This allowed me to export the self signed certificate and import back into the trusted certificates as per the video. BUT...


Question 1: The video shows the person using the use dng account. What account should be entered here? Because I tried my domain account but it says that the credentials are wrong, even though they are not as I am using the same account/password I am using to login to the PC. 

I was able to login using a LOCAL account on the machine on which webapi was installed. I was then able to see the webapi response as expected.


Question2: The https URL still shows a bad certificate even though I imported back in as shown. Even after I logged out and back in again.


Question 3: When I try and read an AF object it complains about delegation. This is to be expected as the account I used to login is a local one and does not have access to PI DA or AF. If I could login as my domain user everything would be fine as I use this account with AF / ProcessBook successfully!


Everything seems to work perfectly in the video, but not in real-life. I would appreciate some help with the causes of this.