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PI ACE Programs Check for AF Connection

Question asked by vsinyuk on Mar 4, 2016
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When writing PI ACE programs, is there a way to check for an AF connection after a certain period of time to make there is still a connection and to reconnect if there is no connection? Here is an   example when it initially connects to the AF Server and database. Any suggestions would be super helpful. Thank you!


Overrides Sub ModuleDependentInitialization()


' this is the configuration module

Dim myModule As PISDK.PIModule



' Connecting to the PI System

Dim ppAFServer As PISDK.PIProperty




New OSIsoft.AF.PISystems().Item(ppAFServer.Value)


' Connecting to the AF database        

Dim ppAFDatabase As PISDK.PIProperty




' Starting from the root element        

"GasMeasurement\" + myModule.Name


' Get other important PI Module Properties











Catch ex As Exception


"ACECalc MeasurementHealth.ModuleDependentInitialization(): " & ex.ToString(), MyBase.Name)


End Try

End Sub