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Unable to extract data from PI AF

Question asked by Rashmi on Mar 9, 2016
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I had created a batch file for powershell script to extract data from PI AF. All these days the batch job was perfectly working fine but since 2 days we see the following error and the records are not writing to text file via script.


Exception calling "Open" with "4" argument(s): "[OSIsoft.AFSDK] Cannot connect to server 'THOR'. It may be that the impersonated client user account cannot be delegated to the remote PI AF Server."

PS: We collect data from PI SMT, which has been installed on a node in UK (THOR server)  and PI AF is on server in USA


Does the above error mean that there was no communication to THOR for some reason, hence data was not collected from there?


However, I ran the .ps1 script manually now on command prompt and all looks fine.

Please anyone can give any advise on this?