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PI Performance Equation snapshot value differing from Evaluated value.

Question asked by Hemant_Panchal on Mar 14, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2016 by Hemant_Panchal

There is one PE equation: 81hs0005ds

IF '81HS0005DS.MV01'=1 THEN  "A-STDBY" ELSE  IF   '81HS0005DS.MV02'=1 THEN  "B-STDBY"  ELSE  IF '81HS0005DS.MV05'=1 THEN  "NONE"  ELSE "_"


System's  second tag i.e 81HS0005DS.MV02 is 1  continuously, so when i evaluate the PE than it is showing correct value i.e "B-STBY".

But the snapshot value keeps on changing from "B-STBY"  to "_" values at every scan .


i dont understand why snapshot values are not getting correctly recorded even though calculation seems correct and is giving correct value on being evaluated.

Tag is configured as clock based scheduling with 00:01:00 scan class.


Please suggest if something is missing.