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Data quality in data lookup measure

Question asked by MassimoSporchia on Mar 16, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2016 by Charles Zhang

Hi all,


I have a measure with a Data Reference of type "Table Lookup" and when I query the result, if the value is present (query returning at least a row compliant with the "Behaviour" chosen) the data quality is Good, otherwise is Bad.

Hence three questions:

1 - Is there a way to manipulate data quality? For example, get the value from another column retrieved from the table?

2 - I've never seen Suspect returned by a Table lookup: is it caused by the binary behaviour of a query? (it's either valid or not)

3 - I'm using AF Client 2014 and I'm able to set the returned value to 0 if the query returns no row or null, shouldn't the value's quality be Bad/Suspect instead of the Good I'm actually receiving?


Thanks in advance!