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PI OLEDB Event Frame Snapshot Table Question

Question asked by vsinyuk on Mar 16, 2016
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I have Event Frames created with multiple attributes, and I am using PI OLEDB to query values from the Event Frames by joining on the EventFrameSnapshot table. The attributes on the Event Frames are formulas that point to the original attributes on their respective elements.My question is about what sort of snapshot values are stored in this table. Does the EventFrameSnapshot table store the current snapshot values from the original attributes that the Event Frame attributes are point to or does the EventFrameSnapshot table store the values of the Event Frame Attributes when the Event Frame was triggered? What I am noticing is that it looks like the EventFrameSnapshot table stores the current snapshot values for open Event Frames but for closed Event Frames it seems like it stores the value when the Event Frame was closed and not the current value in AF. I was wondering if I can get some clarification on this?


If indeed the EventFrameSnapshot table does not offer current values when the Event Frame has closed, what would be the best way to calculate an event-frame formula attribute against current, live values with PI-OLEDB?


Thank you.




-Vitaliy Sinyuk