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    PI Datalink in Excel Tag is registered as ON and OFF in PI.. can you help me with some syntax


      =PITimeFilterVal("'PCS_20EXY1020A_Valve_closed'=ON","01-feb-2016 00:00:00","02-feb-2016 00:00:00","days",0,Data!$B$1)


      The syntax does not appear to like ON or OFF. I am trying to determine the amount of time the value has been either on or off for the duration of the day.

      Can this Equation manage text? It doesnt seem to be able to be able to manage it. I have tried various variations with single and double. If I substitute the on with a 1 or 0 it reads zero however, it does not report the result correctly as I know the value has been off and on for part of the day.

      Anyone got any more ideas on this or knows the limitations on this?