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Dynamic AF relative display

Question asked by Julian.Beresford on Mar 20, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2016 by Rhys Kirk

Hi Guys,

        I want to do what I would think is a simple request.  I want to build a element relative display in Process Book or Coresight, that will check its direct children for a certain attribute name and then trend those attributes together.   Kind of like a rollup, but rather than giving a single result aggregated into a tag it supplies the tag references so that the display can trend them all together.     Thus with this I could select any element in the tree and show a comparative trend of its direct child elements, regardless of the name of the elements them selves.


The only way we have found to do this so far is to interface via AF-OLEDB and display the results with SSRS or Power View, is very easy to write an SQL query that will find identify the correct tags.      I know I could probably do this with VBA, but I really don't what to because this limits our options for deployment (and is general a headache.).  Ideally Coresight would do this for us...


Any thoughts ?  I hope I have explained the scenario well enough.