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PI Integrator for BA - Can it help time-align my raw data?

Question asked by yracette on Mar 21, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2016 by Camille Metzinger

I am considering PI Integrator for BA on top of PI-AF to generate ODBC datasets for analysis from within a BI tool, like Spotfire or Power BI.

What I would like to do is extract compressed data from a series of PI tags access through PI-AF attributes for a given time frame. By definition, the data will not be time-aligned i.e. some data could be in the archive about every minute, other data will be available once an hour or shift, etc. If viewing this data in Excel, I would have 2 columns for each tag with the date/time stamp and value. Each set of 2 columns would have a varying number of rows. The first value compressed value for my second tag could have a date/time stamp that will more or less correspond to the timestamp of the 50th row of my first tag on so on. Since I understand that PI Integrator for BA can essentially be used for generating a row/column grid of data exposed through PI-AF I am hoping that it would fill-in the blanks and align the data on a global/common time line.

Can PI Integrator for BA do that?