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AF .net error after I change the AF system id

Question asked by Charles Zhang Champion on Mar 23, 2016
Latest reply on May 13, 2016 by cvillanua

Hello, expert,


I am trying the PI AF beat version (2016) for a small project. I use the virtual machine which is copied from another one. This cause the error information about AF system has the same ID when I switch the PI AF server from one to its' clone one. After checked the forum information in this square, I use "piafdiag /newid" to update the system ID. Now, the error about "same ID" disappeared. Unfortunately, I encountered an critical error as I made change on the analysis template.



I could continue to go after I click "continue"

Also, the analysis also tell me that when I use the Findeq function, it could not mapping to an attribute without history. My function like this,

FindEq('OutPut1','t','*','OutPut1|MiniuminDay'). I'd like to use this analysis to map the time stamp to an attribute. Also, some attribute could not be mapped with the hint " the data method "updatevalue" is not support the attribute on xxxxxx. How can I change the destination attribute?


Thanks a lot!