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Performing Calculations on a Dataset

Question asked by FaisalAbdulla on Mar 26, 2016
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I am currently working with VBA in PI Processbook and got stuck on a problem. I have a sheet with a large number of PI tags, each having a button of their own. When that button is clicked, that tag is plotted as a trace on a trend. In addition to this, it also updates a pre-defined calculated dataset (please correct my terminology if I am wrong) based on some other tags in relation with this one. This dataset is also on the trend.


I would now like to perform calculations on this dataset. Particularly, I would like to calculate the Min, Max, St.Dev, and Mean of this dataset. However, the catch is, I would like to calculate these statistics for only the time range of the trend. This time range is dynamic and can be set by the user.


How do I go about doing this? So far, the code I have is as follows:

Private Sub recalculate()
    Dim ptPoint As PISDK.PIPoint
    Dim ds As Datasets
    Dim calc As PIExpressionDataset
    Set ptPoint = PISDK.Servers("ServerNameHere").PIPoints("PreTagHere" & Text1.Contents)
    Set ds = ThisDisplay.Datasets
    Set calc = ds.GetDataset("Spec_Calc")

    With calc
        .Expression = "'PreTagHere" & Text1.Contents & "Suffix1' - 'PreTagHere" & Text1.Contents & "Suffix2'"
        .Interval = "1m"
        .ColumnName = "Value"
        .RefreshInterval = 60
        .Description = "Calculated Factor"
        .Stepped = False
    End With

    Call ds.SetDataset(calc)
    averagetag.Contents = ptPoint.Data.Summary(TextBox1.Text, TextBox2.Text, astAverage, cbTimeWeighted)
End Sub


As you can see in the above code, I was successfully able to calculate the average of the data in the trend easily, because it was a PI tag. However, I'm not sure how to do the same with a DataSet (in this case, "calc").


Thanks for your help