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PI-AF Reference Types

Question asked by Chris_Hawkins on Mar 23, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2016 by Chris_Hawkins

I'm attempting to interogate a PI-AF Database to determine the reference types of each Element. While I can create new references I have as yet been unable to work out the code I need (in VB.NET or C#) to determine these relationships as I step through the elements. To summarise:

  1. I start with Elements / Sub-elements in a conventional parent-child reference (relationship) structure
  2. There are additional / replacement references (relationships) between children of one parent and the parent of other children. Somewhat akin
    to ‘uncle/aunt and nephew/niece’. So I c
    reate a new relationship. Let's say Uncle-Nephew and drag elements to their 'uncle(s)'
  3. What I have yet to get working is how – in VB.NET/C# with PI AF SDK  – I determine the reference type of a particular AF Element. Essentially
    “who is/are my uncles?” or “who is/are my nephew(s)”.

Thanks in advance for to anyone who can advise.