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How to connect to PI HDA Server from 3rd Party Client?

Question asked by 00112709 on Mar 24, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2016 by 00112709

Hi, I'm developing client including HDA Interface

, however client cannot connect to PI HDA Server.

Somebody give me a hand...??


System architecture is following;

PC1:PI Server, PI OPC HDA Server

PC2:Client including HDA Interface


DCOM config finished on both PC.

OpcEnum was installed on PC1 while installing PI OPC HDA Server.

, however I manually copied OpcEnum on PC2 as following URL.

KB01282 - How to install the PI OPC Client Tool on a new machine with no other OPC software


Other assembly is necessary on client to connect PI HDA server??


I think there is no problem on PC1

because client can connect if any one of following is installed on PC2.

1.PI Interface for OPC HDA

2. PI OPC DA/HDA Server 2010 Install Kit

3. OPC HDA Sample erver, Client from Opc Foundation.