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Renaming of element results in faulty asset element Hierarchy

Question asked by Ann.Sniekers on Mar 29, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2016 by jstarnes

My current PI-AF hierachy is as follows:


  • FieldName
    • Wells
      • Well name (which was originally identical to FieldName)


When renaming the well (which had the same name as the FieldName - however no coupling beyond the name) to Well01 - I started to get issues when executing the query to obtain values of the attributes of the Well.

I would expect to query these attributes by using the path: FieldName\Wells\Well01\attribute (which is also the path you get by right clicking on the attribute and press "copy path").

However not sure why but PI-AF indicates that the correct query should be Well01\Wells\Attribute.

Bottom line - PI-AF thinks the FieldName has changed instead of the well Name.


I restarted all services which did NOT solve the issue.


Any ideas? Is this a known bug?


Thanks in advance