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Custom Data Reference used by Analysis

Question asked by IPCOS_DV on Mar 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2017 by holi

Hi all,


I have created a custom data reference which does some time manipulations. It uses only AFTime and therefore does not require any external source.


I have implemented the following methods:

  • GetValue
  • GetValues
  • RecordedValue
  • RecordedValues

My custom data reference works fine in the System Explorer. I'm now trying to use it in an AF Analysis. I have created a simple analysis: reading the value from my custom data reference and writing back to an attribute, but it won't work. The analysis works if I don't use my custom data reference (so writing to attribute is working). I don't see any error message reported by AF Analysys (also not in Event Viewer). The status of the analysis is also showing green, but no results available. If I evaluate the analysis from the System Explorer, it works fine.


It looks like my custom data reference does not work with AF Analysis when executed by the service.

What do I need to implement in order to support it? Can I see the error messages?