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String Attribute contains reference path.

Question asked by aegelhof on Mar 30, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2017 by aegelhof

I have a String Attribute (built using StringBuilder) in which the value is a reference to another element.


E.g  Value of Attribute1  = literally '\Element1|Element2|SomeAttribute'  (Some Attribute is a double type)


How can I use that to get the value of Attribute?    I would like Attribute2 = Tagval('\Element1|Element2|SomeAttribute'','*')


I've tried an analysis using TagVal(TagVal('Attribute1','*'),'*') and tried doing it with the string builder but I'm having no luck...   The path is in an attribute because the referenced Element2 changes and I can update that path using a String built by StringBuilder.


Any thoughts on how I could do this?