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    PI WEB API - Credential propagation with Basic Authentication


      Hello Everyone,


      We have a few PI Data Archive that are not integrated with LDAP. We are using basic authentication in PI Web API and after some tests, we can't get values of points that we created with specifics access rules for the PI User that we are using.


      Using basic authentication with PI Web API, after authenticate with a PI User, the API uses this user to connect with the PI Data Archive?

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          Hello Alexandre,


          I understand your environment does not allow to authenticate against PI Data Archive nodes using Windows Integrated Security. Basic Authentication through PI Web API is still based on Windows security principals. So the situation is that you authenticate with Windows users against PI Web API but the credentials cannot be verified within the network the PI Data Archive nodes are belonging to. This means that you will have to rely on PI trusts for the PI Web API connection.

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